The wines are listed in a simple sequence starting with those that are sweeter and very mild in taste, progressing to the wines that are drier and stronger in taste. You can print this list and take it into your local retailer or, if you live where this is legal, find the wine and order it online. REMEMBER - do NOT let anyone try to sway you against a sweet wine - this is about YOUR enjoyment! If you want to explore dry wines, start with the DELICATE category.


Winery Varietal(s) Wine Name Vintage MSRP Rating 
Daniel Gehrs Wines Vintage Port 2008 $36.00 98 
Almaden Vineyards Rhine NV $16.00 95 
Gallo Family Vineyards Sweet Chardonnay  NV $5.99 95 
Barefoot Cellars Generic Blend NV $6.99 94 
Hagafen Cellars Riesling 2010 $24.00 95 
Omega Cellars Mourvedre Rose 2009 $16.00 97 
Charles Spinetta  Chenin Blanc Ice Wine 2010 $15.00 91 
Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate NV $9.99 89 
Charles Spinetta  Orange Muscat 2008 $19.00 90 
Quady Winery Essensia 2009 $24.99 90 
Quady Winery Elysium  2009 $24.99 92 
Charles Spinetta  Black Muscat 2010 $19.00 91
Dancing Coyote Orange Muscat 2010 $10.99 90 
Fasi Estate Vineyard Marsala 2008 $42.00 91 
Moonstone Cellars Generic Blend NV $25.00 91 
St. Amant Winery Ruby Port Bootleg 2008 $18.00 90 
Woodbridge Winery Muscat Hamburg 2010 $12.00 89 
Sleeping Dog Wines Sweet Aurora 2010 $16.00 89 
Eberle Winery Muscat 2010 $14.00 89 
Columbia Winery Riesling 2009 $12.00 91 
Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato NV $5.99 90 
Merritt Estate Winery Edelweiss  NV $0.00 92 
Gallo Family Vineyards Generic Blend NV $5.99 91 
Chateau Morrisett.  Frosty Dog    NV $18.99 91 
The Hogue Cellars Riesling 2009 $10.99 90 
Coyote Moon River Run NV $13.95 89 
Callaway Vineyard  Muscat Canelli 2010 $18.00 89 
Coyote Moon  La Crescent NV $13.95 89 
Daniel Gehrs Wines Riesling 2010 $19.00 91 
Hagafen Cellars Riesling 2010 $18.00 90 
Barefoot Cellars White Zinfandel NV $6.99 89 
Biltmore Estate . Pas de Deux NV $18.99 90 
Bodega Elena de Mendoza  2009 $10.99 89 


Sparkling Wines and Champagne
These are delicious, sweet and bubbly wines from France, US or Italy: 

Jacquart, Demi Sec, Champagne, France, NV $32.00

Banfi, Brachetto d'Acqui, "Rosa Regale", Piedmont, Italy, 2009, (Banfi) $20.00

Schramsberg, Demi Sec, "Crémant", California, 2007 $35.00

White/Red/Blush Wines
Listed from sweetest to least sweet using Beringer White Zin as a 'benchmark' for moderately sweet: sweeter wines are above the Beringer White Zin and drier wines below in this category:

St. Supéry, Moscato, California, 2008 $20.00

Barefoot, Moscato, California, NV, (Gallo) $7.00
Platinum award winner at the Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi and tBest of Show at the NextGen wine competition in 2010!

Beringer, White Zinfandel, California, 2009, (Foster's Group) $7.00

Sutter Home, Moscato, Sustainably Grown, California, 2009, (Trinchero Family Estates) $6.00

Columbia Crest, Riesling, "Grand Estates", Columbia Valley, Washington, 2008, (Ste. Michelle Wine Estates) $11.00

Bassermann-Jordan, Riesling, Auslese, "Deidesheimer Hohenmorgen", Pfalz, Germany, 2007, (Valckenberg) $50.00

Chateau Ste. Michelle, Riesling, "Dr. Loosen Eroica", Columbia Valley, Washington, 2008, (Ste. Michelle Wine Estates) $22.00

Conundrum, California, 2009, (Caymus) $24.00
Not as sweet as many of these wines but a wonderful blend and very, very smooth.

Jam Jar, Shiraz,  South Africa, 2009, (Cape Classics) $9.00
A really delicious, rich sweet red wine!

Dessert Wines (that many SWEET tasters love anytime!)
These wines are very sweet wines and don't let the 'dessert wine' tag fool you. These types of wine were always served alongside the red wines at formal French meal if the guest preferred - as they often did!

Dolce, Sémillon/Sauvignon Blanc, Late Harvest, Napa Valley, California, 2005, 375ml, (Far Niente) $70.00

Château Filhot, Sauternes, Bordeaux, France, 2005 $30.00

Napa Seasoning Company
Consumer Wine Awards

Prices may vary! They are noted as national MSRP and you should be able to find them much cheaper in most cases.

Availability: check with your local wine merchant, many of these wines will be easier to find on line if you live in a state that lets you buy online. If not - join the crusade to change the laws!

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